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Acme Archives Ltd. is a multi-service, publisher of fine art specializing in art produced and inspired by the entertainment industry.

From Disney's Lucasfilm brand to The Simpsons, Marvel and Mattel, Acme Archives Ltd. produces interpretive artwork from popular culture's top properties under its various licenses.

Acme has been fortunate to have worked with some of the world's top filmmakers, animators, and artists to create a portfolio of art unlike any other.

Acme Archives Ltd. was founded as a part of the Verbata, Inc family of companies in 1996 and has seen steady growth since.

Verbata, Inc. Partners Past and Present:

•Abrams Publishing NY

•Citizens Business Bank

•CNN Center

•Coleman Studios

•Community Bank

•Compost Productions

•Computerworld Honors

•Corporation China

•Dark Ink

•DelPadre Digital

•Disney Parks and Resorts

•DreamWorks Animation SKG

•Flying Monkeys Productions

•Himalayan Rescue Association

•Lucasfilm Ltd

•McLain Holdings Group


•NASA Code U


•NIA Capital

•Northrup Grumman Foundation


•Rough Draft Korea

•Saban Brands

•Schimmel Smith Publishing

•Shanghai Gantt Consulting Corporation

•Sino Licensing

•The Big Bang Theory, Chuck Lorre Productions

•The Former Texas Rangers Foundation

•US Small Business Administration

•Valensi Rose, PLC


•Voit Development Company

•Warner Home Video

•Warner Bros. Animation

•Yuan Mei, LLC

•Zanbar Capital

•Zero G

•Zions Bank