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Jerry Vanderstelt

Timeless Series: Vader


Type of Art

Timeless Series: Darth Vader
by Jerry Vanderstelt

Star Wars: A New Hope portrait featuring Darth Vader

Fine Art Giclee on Paper edition:

- $55.00
- 95 piece hand-numbered signed edition
- measures 13" x 19" (paper size), 12" x 16" (image size)
- sku: SWANH858P
- comes with certificate of authenticity

    Fine Art Giclee on Canvas Gem edition:

    - $175.00
    - 495 piece hand-numbered edition
    - measures 12" x 15.5" (framed size)
    - framed in a silver brushed faux metal float frame (2" wide)
    - sku: SWANH858G
    - comes with certificate of authenticity

    This giclee on canvas gem comes framed and is ready to hang on your wall (or give as a gift)!