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John Bolton

Theory of Propagation


Type of Art

Theory of Propagation
by John Bolton

Dark Horse Comics cover art from Aliens: Theory of Propagation/The Alien published in 2013 (cover art previously used on Aliens, Vol. 2: Nightmare Asylum TPB published in 1996)

    Fine Art Giclee Paper edition:

    - $145.00
    - 95 piece hand-numbered edition
    - measures 13" x 19" (paper size)
    - sku: ALNS03P
    - comes with certificate of authenticity

    Humanity's encounters with the deadly extraterrestrial "bugs" have had distastrous, lethal results. But how did this species spread across the galaxy? Find out in "The Theory of Aliens Propagation," by Aliens: Outbreak writer Mark Verheiden (screenwriter of The Mask, TimeCop, Battlestar Galactica) and artist Mark A. Nelson. And in "The Alien," the xenomorph infestation that rendered Earth all but uninhabitable in Outbreak comes to a head as the exiled human population negotiates with the "Space Jockey" species intent on exterminating the infesting xenomorphs—and Earth!