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Family Guy

Something, Something Darkside


Type of Art

Something, Something, Something Darkside

    Lithograph edition:

    - $39.00
    - 1000 piece hand-numbered edition
    - measures 13" x 19"
    - sku: FGL02
    - comes with certificate of authenticity

    The Star Wars Saga can finally be considered a bona fide cultural phenomenon with the Family Guy retelling of the second episode.  Well, technically, a retelling of the fifth episode - if you're sticking to the internal chronology of the story.  An awful lot of folks, though, call it the second episode because it's the second one they made.

    ...So anyway, in the retelling of the second episode of the original trilogy, we meet Han Solo's (Peter) old friend, Lando Calrissian (Mort Goldman), face the menace of Boba Fett (Ernie, the Giant Chicken) and witness as Luke (Chris) begins his apprenticeship to venerable Jedi Master Yoda (Carl).  From the appendage-shrinking chill of the ice planet Hoth, to the dank, swampy mystery of Dagobah, there are laughs across the galaxy!  And hey, let's all give Luke a big hand for his lightsaber duel with - spoiler alert - his father, Darth Vader!  

    Freakin' sweet!  Or should we say, "Forcin' sweet!"