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John Bolton



Type of Art

by John Bolton

Dark Horse Comics cover art from Aliens, Vol. 5: Harvest TPB published in 1998

    Fine Art Giclee Paper edition:

    - $145.00
    - 95 piece hand-numbered edition
    - measures 13" x 19" (paper size)
    - sku: AVP02P
    - comes with certificate of authenticity

    Stanislaw Mayakovsky once wrote a book about the cybernetic ant he designed to infiltrate an Alien hive in order to gain precious knowledge about the species. Now, a beautiful young thief has approached Mayakovsky to use his experience and expertise -- not in the pursuit of scientific knowledge, but in the pursuit of the Alien Queen's precious jelly. The mission is a perilous one, but the motives are compelling . . . Formerly collected as Aliens: Hive.