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Officially Licensed Artwork

HABF10 (Season 17)

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Original Production Drawing used in the making of the Simpsons television series

  • Episode: HABF10 "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bangalore"
  • Original air date: April 9, 2006 (Season 17)
  • 12 field (10.5" x 12.5") pencil drawing
  • Comes with Fox seal and Certificate of Authenticity
  • HABF10-274-3200D-F5635
Production Art Info

All our Simpsons production artwork is officially authorized by Twentieth Century Studios and comes with seals affixed to the artwork and certificates of authenticity.

ORIGINAL PRODUCTION CELS are one of a kind pieces of original production art that was actually used in the making of the animated show.  A series of cels are photographed in sequential order creating the illusion of movement.  While some cels from a sequence may look similar, each cel is unique.  Cels are hand-painted by overseas studios on clear acetate that are either 12-field size (10.5 x 12.5 inches) or 16-field size (16.5 x 13.5 inches). Please note that since the cels have been used in the production of the show, there may be some scratches or slight paint imperfections.  Depending on how many cels are part of the setup, there may be a slight "fogginess" due to the layers. Each cel setup is cleaned and restored and comes with a reproduced giclee print background.

Prior to creating cels or scanning artwork into a computer, the production process begins with a drawing. Rough drawings or layouts are created by key animators to establish pose and action while clean up drawings are done by clean up artists to produce finished line art that is ready to be painted either manually or digitally. Please note that since the drawings have been used in the production of the show, there may be some discoloration or creases in the paper. There may also be erasure marks from production.

Most of our cel setups come with reproduced backgrounds, but select setups are released with the original background which makes them an exact representation of what was shot on camera in order to animate the scene. Simpsons backgrounds are unique in the fact that the original backgrounds are painted on cels with cel paint. The majority of original backgrounds for animated shows were painted on watercolor paper using cel or watercolor paint.

Cels that are sold with original backgrounds are called Collector's Portfolio pieces or Key Master Setups.

Used in the pre-production phase to plan out episodes. These storyboards are normally done in pencil with dialogue typed or handwritten. Some scenes may be cut out and taped onto the page (and may be done on post-its). Seals are put on the back of the storyboards so as not to interfere with the artwork. Storyboards are considered Collector's Portfolio pieces.

Shipping Info

Our general shipping time is 3-4 days for processing. Animation artwork may take longer to process (up to an additional week). We do not recommend shipping animation artwork without a signature as it is unique and cannot be replaced.

We ship via USPS, Fedex and UPS. Orders placed with the $9.95 ship option chosen will NOT require a signature if the value is under $350. We are not responsible for missing packages once we have received proof of delivery if a no signature option is chosen ($9.95 flat fee or USPS no signature).