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J. Scott Campbell

Chaos Bleeds


Type of Art

Chaos Bleeds
by J. Scott Campbell

Comic book cover

    Fine Art Giclee Paper edition:

    - $95.00
    - 250 piece hand-numbered edition
    - measures 13" x 19" (paper size)
    - sku: BVSG01
    - comes with certificate of authenticity

    Christopher Golden and Tom Sniegoski, writers of the upcoming videogame Buffy: Chaos Bleeds, bring the story straight to comics in this look into the twisted world of the game. The barriers between alternate realities have begun to erode around Sunnydale, and Buffy and the gang face nightmare versions of friends and allies, as well as enemies thought long dead. Featuring the return of the vampiric Gorch clan, Sid the Dummy, Faith and more!