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Christopher Clark



Type of Art

by Christopher Clark 

Star Wars: The Force Awakens interpretive artwork
Available in an unsigned paper or signed canvas edition

    Giclee on Paper edition:

    - $125.00
    - 125 piece hand-numbered edition
    - measures 19" x 13" paper size, 16.2" x 10.8" (image size)
    - sku: SW7630P
    - comes with certificate of authenticity

    Giclee on Canvas edition:

    - $245.00
    - 95 piece hand-numbered edition
    - each print has the artist's authorized signature
    - measures 21" x 14"
    - sku: SW7630
    - comes with certificate of authenticity

    Determined, intelligent, and gorgeous, here Rey stands impervious to the desert winds of Jakku. This painting showcases Christopher Clark's ability to capture striking portraits with bold and flowing brushwork to add action and interest.