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Alberto Quirantes aka Akirant was born in Madrid in 1970. Passionate for scifi illustration since he was a child, began drawing and taught herself to paint with airbrush in the mid-80's and finally he graduate in graphic design.

His first work was as an illustrator at a newspaper for 4 years. Later he began to work in different advertising agencies like Saatchi&Saatchi or J. Walter Thompson as Art Director for more than 20 years.

After all this time, during which he doesn't forget his true passion, he finally decides to end his stage in advertising and began to work again as an illustrator, collaborating with different publications, making matte paintings for post-production studios (another of his artistic inclination) and start his collaboration with Acme Archives as a Lucasfilm licensed artist, where his love for natural landscapes is very present in all his work. As passionate about scifi&comic, he was influenced by different artis as Melvyn Grant, Syd Mead, Frank Frazzeta, Moebius or Derek Riggs.

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