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Raymond Swanland

Aliens: More Than Human


Type of Art

Aliens: More Than Human
by Raymond Swanland

Dark Horse Comics cover art from the Aliens: More Than Human comic book series.

    Fine Art Lithograph edition:

    - $45.00
    - 395 piece hand-numbered edition
    - measures 16" x 24"
    - sku: ALNS14L
    - comes with certificate of authenticity

    Can an android dream? After waking from what appears to be just that, the android Sereda struggles with the idea that he may be more damaged than he originally thought. Still, whether it's simply his programming or a newly found free will, Sereda is hell bent on effecting the rescue of the woman whose voice brought him down into the bewildering maze of a seemingly endless necropolis. Most of the surviving planetary prospectors are willing to follow him into the labyrinth, but there are two major obstacles to the rescue mission: a horde of marauding xenomorphs, and the man who shot Sereda, who isn't about to let a damaged synthetic lead the other survivors anywhere.