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Epcot International Festival of the Arts 2022 Schedule

Jan 14th – Feb 21st


Find us in the Mexico section (Star Wars) and at Disney Traders in the World Showcase Plaza (Marvel)

WEEK 1 | JAN 14th – 17th

Christian Waggoner:
Fri-Mon 2PM to 6PM [Star Wars]

Brent Woodside
Fri-Mon 12PM-2PM [Star Wars]
Fri-Mon 3PM- 5PM [Marvel]

Kayla Woodside
Fri-Mon 12PM-2PM [Star Wars]
Fri-Mon 3PM-5PM [Marvel]


WEEK 2 | JAN 21st – 24th

Jeremy Saliba
Fri-Mon 12PM-2PM, 3-5PM [Star Wars]


WEEK 3 | JAN 28th – 31st

Adam Schickling
Fri-Mon 12-2PM [Star Wars]
Fri-Mon 3-5PM [Marvel]

Candice Dailey
Fri-Mon 2-5PM [Star Wars]


WEEK 4 | FEB 4th – 7th

Danny Haas
Fri-Mon 12PM-4PM [Marvel]

Al Abbazia
Fri-Mon 3-5 [Star Wars]

Tricia Benson
Fri-Mon 12PM-3PM
[Star Wars]


WEEK 5 | FEB 11th – 14th

Brandon Kenny
Fri-Mon 12PM-2PM [Star Wars]

Karen Hallion
Fri-Mon 2PM-5PM [Star Wars]

Dark Knight
(Eric Iovino)
Fri-Mon 1PM-5PM [Marvel]


WEEK 6 | FEB 18th – 21st

Devin Schoeffler
Fri-Mon 12PM-2PM [Marvel]
Fri-Mon 3PM-5PM [Star Wars]

J.J. Lendl
Fri-Mon 12PM-2PM [Star Wars]
Fri-Mon 3PM-5PM [Marvel]


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