Treachery - Giclee Print (Paper)


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Giclee Print (Paper)


By Todd Spenceman

  • Limited Edition Giclee on Paper  
  • Printed on acid-free archival paper
  • 350 piece hand-numbered edition
  • Measurements:  12 inches by 15 inches
  • Available framed
  • Comes with Certificate of Authenticity

Artist Information:

It was in Todd's formative years that he first heard "a second rate talent of the highest order" and quickly adopted it as his personal mantra. Years of toiling as a merchant marine and later as a baker for a leading snack cake manufacturer provided the vim he needed to construct a perspective emphasizing the ephemeral over the eternal. Unfortunately, this direction led to the destruction of every piece Todd created moments after completion, thereby denying his audience any opportunity to enjoy his efforts. In one painting entitled, "Waar is mijn voet?", Todd attempted to provide the spectator with 'ecstatic tranquility' via the image of a foot trapped within a slipper during a riverboat cruise. Alas, this masterpiece too me the fate of its predecessors. Finally, the absence of tangible work lead him to a new path of exploration, culminating in the discovery that there is more truth in the unspoiled artistic exploits of perverts and psychotics. It is then that Todd makes the pilgirmage to Losa Angeles and begins a franchise of plam reading boutiques, sells a screenplay of himself, buys a home in the Hills and earnestly reconnects with his personal mantra. In "Treachery," Todd pays homage to the age-old theme of bathing as a vehicle for personal exploration without the constraints of time or television. Notice the casual muscular definition and theatrical light play over the surface of the skin...breathtaking.

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