The Simpsons - Orig. Prod. Cel

The Simpsons

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Orig. Prod. Cel

Original Production Cel used in the production of The Simpsons.

  • Episode: 8F04 "Homer Defined" (season 3)
  • 12 field cel (10.5 inches by 12.5 inches)
  • Background is digitally reproduced from the original line drawing and printed on archival watercolor paper
  • Comes with Fox seal and Certificate of Authenticity
  • Original airdate October 17th, 1991 (US)

Episode information:

At the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, employee Homer is eating jelly doughnuts and one of them splatters onto the core temperature dial, which is nearing the red zone. Homer is unable to see the warning and the plant approaches a nuclear meltdown. He seems to be the only person who can stop it, though he has no skills and cannot remember any of his training. In desperation he chooses a button via eeny, meeny, miny, moe, and miraculously presses the button that averts the meltdown. Springfield is saved and Homer is honored as a hero. The owner of the plant, Mr. Burns, names Homer "Employee of the Month". Homer's family is also proud of him, especially his daughter Lisa, who starts to see him as a role model. Meanwhile Homer himself is troubled by the fact that his so-called heroism was nothing but luck.

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