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The Simpsons - BABF22 (Season 12)<br>Collector's Portfolio

The Simpsons

BABF22 (Season 12)
Collector's Portfolio
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Original Background used in the production of The Simpsons television series.

  • Episode:  BABF22 "HOMR"
  • 12 field cel (10.5 inches by 12.5 inches)
  • Original Background
  • Collector's Portfolio piece
  • Comes with Fox seal and Certificate of Authenticity

Episode information:

"HOMR" is the ninth episode of The Simpsons twelfth season, originally aired on January 7, 2001.

In the episode, while working as a human guinea pig (to pay off the family's lost savings after making a bad investment), Homer discovers the root cause of his subnormal intelligence: a crayon that was lodged in his brain ever since he was a child. He decides to have it removed to increase his IQ, but discovers that being smart does not necessarily equal being happy.



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