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Inspire Me! - Weightless Flights of Discovery
Inspire Me! - Weightless Flights of Discovery

Inspire Me!

Weightless Flights of Discovery
MSRP:   $ 29.99
Price:   $29.99

Inspire Me!
Weightless Flights of Discovery

2 disc set including Feature Documentary dvd and cd-rom with Educators Resource Guide. Documentary running time is 54 minutes.

Confronting a far-reaching crisis in American science education and  science literacy, Inspire Me is both a celebration of the art of  teaching and a powerful call-to-action to do it better!" Science takes flight in this combination of vision, urgency, and life- changing experience.

Two years in the making, Inspire Me! chronicles the extraordinary experiences of science teachers across the country as they fly on Zero G flights and experience weightlessness just as astronauts do.

Inspire Me! follows 6 incredible teachers as they take the Zero G journey from experience to hands on application with their students. Overall roughly 720 teachers in 12 different cities across the US participated in this program.

In the course of the story, we explore deep issues surrounding the science education crisis in America, education as a profession, inquiry-based and experiential learning, and the sorely needed inspiration of the next generation of Americans to reclaim the worldwide lead in science and technology in the new millennium.

 The film features legendary astronaut Story Musgrave, education expert Mike Marlow, teachers and students from across the country, and is hosted by Brad McLain.





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