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SpecPlates  and TechPlates are based off the Commemorative Christening Plates affixed to the bulkhead of ships.

10" x 21½"
295 piece editions

Snowspeeder TechPlate
 "Snowspeeder TechPlate"
Star Wars Vader's TIE Fighter TechPlate Star Wars Slave 1 TechPlate
"Vader's TIE Fighter TechPlate"
"Slave 1 TechPlate"
Star Wars Millenium Falcon TechPlate Star Wars X-Wing TechPlate
"Millennium Falcon TechPlate" "X-Wing TechPlate"
 Star Wars Landspeeder TechPlate  Ark of the Covenant TechPlate
"Landspeeder TechPlate" "Ark of the Covenant TechPlate"



36" x 17"
25 piece edition

AT-AT SpecPlate
"AT-AT SpecPlate"
Ark of the Covenant SpecPlate
"Ark of the Covenant SpecPlate"
Star Destroyer SpecPlate
"Star Destroyer SpecPlate"
Millennium Falcon SpecPlate
"Millennium Falcon SpecPlate" SOLD OUT



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